Regional Teaching


  • Regional teaching is held monthly except for August & December (ICS SOA meeting).
  • Upcoming dates -> Events Calendar
  • Attendance is mandatory during ICM training years, please book study leave in advance.
  • The full day programme involves:
    • ICM curriculum topics
    • ICM-related topics
    • Journal club presentation (Trainee)
    • Case presentation (Trainee)
    • Guideline review (Trainee)
  • The monthly programme will be emailed by the trainee ‘education rep’ on behalf of the teaching faculty. This typically includes the journal club article in .pdf format. Current rep(s): Dr Craig Denmade & Dr David Whitmore.
  • Apologies to be sent to
  • Please contact Dr Astles ( if you have trouble securing study leave for regional teaching. Leave rejections are recorded. Clinical tutors in each training unit are briefed to support trainees’ attendance whenever possible.
  • Teaching venue alternates each month between:
    • University Hospital Aintree – ITU Seminar Room (L9 7AL)
    • Royal Liverpool University Hospital – Education Centre (L7 8XP)
  • Each session attracts 4 external CPD points from RCoA.
  • Trainees are expected to prepare their allocated presentation in advance and it is your responsibility to swap with other trainees should you forsee difficulty in fulfilling the allocation.